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APS/AAPM Opioid Treatment Guidlines Revisited


The APS/AAPM guidelines were created to give some guidance to physicians who are writing opioids for patients. It is the least biased of all opioid guidelines created by opinions of the top experts in the field during 2009. The purpose for the recommendations was to compile scientific evidence and opinions to come up with the best patient care( Adler). Dr. Steven Passik said, “I think that the guidelines have been important insofar as they represent legitimacy of the practice of opioid therapy at a time when opioid pendulum has been swinging back toward avoidance again".


Although most of the physicians involved believe that the guidelines have been beneficial, not everyone shows the same expression. Dr David Fishbain does not see that the guidelines have made much clinical impact on opioid prescriptions (Fishbain).

Either way the guidelines are looked at, everyone must take into consideration that guidelines needed to be put in place for the use of opioids. It is also remarkable that 20 experts from different fields came to a consensus to create such a document.


The entire 216 page document is available online if you are interested in reading it in its entirety.



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