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Dr. Hatch

Dr. Stephen J. HatchStephen J. Hatch, M.D.
Professional Licensure, State of Indiana

Dr. Stephen Hatch had a passion for helping others, which did not stop with his patients. He practiced medicine for nearly 20 years before his tragic accident, and during that time he helped so many. His doctorate degree came from Wake Forest University Medical Center in Michigan. One of the most important things to him and his wife Kimberly was being involved in his church. They were often times volunteering for various church activities. The community was also incredibly important to him. He was involved in the restoration of the historic Smith Field Airport in Fort Wayne, which was in danger of being shut down with out the help of investors. The thing is, kind acts were not out of the ordinary for him nor would he expect anything in return. He was a man who had a lasting positive effect on the people in his life and the community, and he will be remembered for years to come.

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