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Joint Pain

Causes of Joint Pain
Joint pain can be caused by injury affecting any of the ligaments or tendons surrounding the joint. Injuries can also do damage to ligaments, cartilage, and bones within the joint. In each case, pain will accompany the damage done to your joints. Pain is also a feature of joint inflammation and infection. If the pain is inflammatory, then the term "arthritis" is used. If the pain is non-inflammatory then the term "arthralgia" should be used.
Joint pain can keep you from living a healthy lifestyle. At Pain Management, we are committed to relieving your pain and keeping you active.Pain Management Offers Relief
At Pain Management Associates, we offer a tailored program designed specifically to fit your needs and return you to as pain-free a lifestyle that modern techniques can allow. For knee pain, we give a synvisc injection. Pain Management Associates will work with your personal physician  in caring for your ailments. If you live in the Fort Wayne area and are suffering from this type of pain, give Pain Management a call to set up a consultation.
Picture of the anatomy of the knee joint. Doctors at PMA will give a synvisc injection for anyone experience excruciating knee pain.

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